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All the latest panda news can be found in the news section below.If you would like to see the giant pandas, please note that entry is time-ticketed and spaces are limited.Unfortunately there’s no way to watch the subsequent annulment.

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3pm GMT: April is walking around her enclosure and occasionally gets close to the camera.

She looks ready to give birth any day now, after her mammoth 15-month pregnancy.13.46 GMT: April the giraffe has had a relaxing morning, but like most expectant mums she appears to be growing impatient to give birth.

Since this is a large exhibit, they may not always be visible. We collaborate with the Western Wildlife Outreach to protect bears and teach local communities how to live in harmony with these magnificent animals.

Brown (grizzly) bears are an endangered species in the lower 48 contiguous United States (U. The exhibit was made possible, in part, through the generosity of Brown Bear Car Wash, the Odermat family, Alaska Airlines and The Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation.

Today could be the day we celebrate Girexit."7pm GMT: The zoo keeper has said he has noted how large April is as they notice her bulges.

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