online dating cambridgeshire - Automated dating of the world language families

It is based on the observation that the greater the linguistic differentiation within a family, the greater the period of time required for that differentiation to accrue.

By quantifying vocabulary differences across languages of a family, the date at which a family’s parent language was most recently spoken is determined.

The discrepancies between estimated and calibration dates are found to be on average 29% as large as the estimated dates themselves, a figure that does not differ significantly among language families.

As a resource for further research that may require dates of known level of accuracy, we offer a list of ASJP time depths for nearly all the world’s recognized language families and for many subfamilies.

L'Automated Similarity Judgment Program en français le Programme de Jugement Automatique de Similarité connu sous son acronyme (ASJP) est un projet collaboratif mettant en application une approche informatisée de linguistique comparative en utilisant une base de données de mots. Les mots de la base de données sont transcrits dans une orthographe standard simplifiée adaptée au traitement informatique (code ASJP).