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Broadening the Ruthless Roster In Her Own Fashion Selected discography Sources Tomica Woods-Wright, the owner and CEO of Ruth less Records, inherited the record company in 1995 from her husband, rap legend Eric Wrightafter his untimely death due to A. The court-appointed executive Ernie Singleton officially ran the company for a year while itwas decided whether or not Woods-Wright would retain sole ownership.

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the rapper Eazy-E.; lived with Wright for four years before marrying him in 1995; inherited Ruthless Records in 1995 from her husband after his untimely death.

She wentto high school in the San Fernando Valley, then attended Santa Monica and West L. Community College before procuring a position as a secretary to Tabu Records founder Clarence Avant; Tabu handled the S. She met Eric Wright at a Los Angeles nightclub in 1991 and was not immediately taken with him; in fact, she didn They spent four years in a relationship and had two children, a son named Born Tomica Woods, in 1969, in Los Angeles, California; attended Santa Monica and West L. Community College; procured a position as secretary to Tabu Records founder Clarence Avant; Avant accepted a position as chairman at Motown Records in 1993 and took Woods-Wright with him; mother of three children, two fathered by Ruthless Records founder Eric Wright, a.k.a.

In addition, Chandler knew he was still under contract to Mike Jeffery, which meant that Jeffery would have a claim to part of any money he earned should his new venture be successful.

Mike Jeffery agreed to the partnership and offered to throw the New Animals and Alan Price into the pool of artists that the pair would manage.

While Avant represented corporate savvy, Wright represented street smarts and the art of the gamblehe achieved his early multi-platinum sales with virtually no radio or video exposure whatsoever. A., 1987 (rereleased in 1989) Supersonic by JJ Fad, 1988.