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Among them is MIT’s Challenge of World Poverty, whose 21 video lectures should be enough to keep you busy even without downloading course materials.

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Carolyn is currently the director of the Yukon Geological Survey.

YGS is one of Canada's top-ranked geological surveys, carrying out research that ranges from mapping the geology of Yukon's mountain ranges, unraveling its glacial history, studying active earthquake zones, understanding permafrost, and providing information that supports the discovery of Yukon's mineral and energy resources. I was born and raised in the Yukon and I am a beneficiary of the Ta'an Kwatch'an First Nation - the people of Lake Laberge. in Geology at the University of Alberta in 1985, and I finished my M. in Geology (Sedimentology) at the University of Calgary in 1993.

I also went to grade school in Yellowknife, so in some respects I came home after University (my family currently lives in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut). I am a currently a Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Living in the north is important to me because I want my daughter's native heritage to be passed on to her in a way that isn't available in southern Canada. Prior to my appointment at SFU in 1998, I was a Research Scientist employed by the Geological Survey of Canada.

Some are from the Open Education list (scroll all the way down to access the complete list); a few are from the blog Open Culture’s list of 700 free online courses.