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Newspapers often get calls from people who discover interesting things inside the walls of their homes, probably because it's usually old newspapers that they're finding.

Jenn Lang uncovered something far more baffling when she went to fix the crumbling plaster in her dining room. People are mildly intrigued when she shows them an unopened can of Prince Albert tobacco that turned up in her wall. There were 87 more just like it, all topped with a tax stamp from 1918. Jenn, who is 27 and works in sales at Graphic Packaging International in Wausau, bought the home last year.

"I've found that's the most impressive way to tell the story," she laughed. A week ago, she and her boyfriend, Shane Varga, were pulling old wallpaper off an outside wall of the dining room. When she was done, there were 18 piles of the metal tins.

Now why would somebody seal up all those cans in the wall? The plaster was in rough shape, so they knew that had to go, too. They also found the program from a local play from April 18, 1918, and a mail-in coupon for 12 free packs of cigarette papers.

Offset lithography was developed in the 1870s and patented in 1875 to create an efficient way to print on tin.

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