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The villa offers breathtaking views and multi-level terraces for guests, who always have exclusive use of the entire property along with a professional manager.

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They are very isolated and their only real friends are two Chilean sisters, Eva and Monica. See full summary » Madame Ranevskaya (Rampling) is a spoiled aging aristocratic lady, who returns from a trip to Paris to face the loss of her magnificent Cherry Orchard estate after a default on the mortgage.

In denial, she continues living in the past, deluding herself and her family, while the beautiful cherry trees are being axed down by the re-possessor Lopakhin (Teale), her former serf, who has his own agenda. After Helen Mirren withdrew, she was called to replace her. See more » Chekhov's plays have generally resisted film and TV adaptations: Sidney Lumet's "Sea Gull" was lumpy and not well cast, and even the Russian film adaptations have been turgid affairs.

I've had times where I've tried to get her and I couldn't. In recent years I've tended to finish an Act One, and as a way to trigger myself to stop procrastinating and do an Act Two, I will request a theater give me a date for a reading, say, in two months.

With a reading, of course, you're also thinking of what actors you're going to ask to the reading.

See full summary » A reformed young man with a steady job, Benny, returns to the city of his youth to find the girl he's been in love with since childhood and that's home to his four petty criminal friends, Jacko, Zac, Bisto and Flea.