who is serena dating in real life - Dating my daughters teacher

Hi Ok so basically I'm in a bit of a weird situation so you probably need to hear the full thing.I'm 19 and the guy I like is 12 years older than me. Before everyone starts freaking out it started off very innocently.They’re young, trendy and well-groomed — and there’s not a ridged fabric or elbow patch in sight.

My Ex is dating our 4yr old daughters pre school teacher.

I found out when my Ex sent me the picture she sent to his personal email of my daughter holding a Happy Bday sign durning class. I would be in the director's office thrwoing a hissy fit.

While Daddy and Teach may not be thinking of it, the other parents, and more importantly the other kids, are likely to suspect preferential treatment and change the way they behave toward your child.

Your kid's been through a divorce, and you'd like to protect her from another trauma.

I told the school this was not appropriate and I was assured that they would talk to her and there would be equal communication. There will be preferential treatment for sure, and that will isolate your child. The kiddo gets put in another classroom or the teacher goes bye-bye. And like the others have said, the child is being set up for a fall.

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