Validating tf2 files stuck at 100

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When you have nothing else to do on a Friday night, what do you do? When you come home tired after working 9–5, what do you do? When you’re looking to just relax for a minute and kill some time, what do you do? And soon this turns into a major addiction, and one of the hardest ones to break.

Disclaimer: this article is for people who have a desire to quit playing video games (or want to help someone they know who is addicted.) If you aren’t looking to quit, then this article is not for you.

You'll be cloaked for 8 second after taking this damage.

Upon de-cloaking you'll make a loud, distinct sound "Added a balcony at 2-1 that I've rotated and cleaned up so it's a much better point, it attracts less sentry spam but is still holdable.

The only language that should take any sort of precedence is English, and even then only because that is the native language of the game.