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As a refresher on the Trade Act of 1930; this was the infamous Smoot-Hawley Act which began as a protection for farmers but after much debate fed by many special interests it was eventually attached to a wide variety of imports (~900). In 1934, as part of the New Deal, President Franklin Roosevelt pushed the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act through and the short reign of protectionism in the US ended.

The first few days have been extraordinary and kind of scary in terms of the president’s grasp on economic reality. The no-nonsense, straight-talking, waste-cutting, four-times bankrupt, business genius who will slash taxes and get corporate America purring again? You know the pussy-grabbing, dodgy-dealing, locker-room Trump, who is one scandal away from impeachment? Or what about Town Hall Trump — the gold-plated, KFC-chewing, class-warrior capitalist who’s gonna stick it to the Man for the little guy? The wall-building, hombre-watching, China-bashing, alt-right flirting, bring ‘em all back home Donald, who will make America great again by cutting it off from the rest of the world.

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If energy ever stops flowing through the conduits or dissipative structures, they will disintegrate and slowly or quickly return to equilibrium with the environment.

The “flowering” of civilization is the development of complexity or negentropy in the forms of external information (outside the brain), humans behaving as RNA and evolution of tools and infrastructure capable of attacking massive gradients of stored energy.

Back to 2012, following an investigation, tariffs on cells and modules imported from China were put in place.

Despite high anxiety in the US and Europe over potential price increases, and a highly divided solar industry prices did not increase significantly.

All of the negentropy or complexity exists because of a successful transformation of Gibbs free energy acquired from energy gradients.