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for Dating My Teenage Daughter, and guest starred in single episodes of series including Scrubs (2002), Cold Case (2006), Veronica Mars (2007), Entourage (2007), and CSI: NY (2008). (2002), and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves (2006), television films like Hollywood Division (2004) and Mammoth (2006), and other films such as I Witness (2003), Harry Max (2004), Race You to the Bottom (2005), North Country (2005), Lovers, Liars and Lunatics (2006), and Spaced Out (2006).

He has also appeared in short films including Urban Chaos Theory (2000), L.

As much as I’m grateful to be part of a hit show, there’s definitely a lot of travel that had to be done, and because of that I think my body started to take a physical toll from doing 18 roundtrips to Hawaii every year. Now for the other side of the same coin -- what did you like about working on the show that made you stay on for so long?

Even as a procedural, the writers always made it so interesting, and there’s a lot of great action. If you’re going to shoot somewhere, Hawaii is so beautiful and the best backdrop you can ask for. I know it’s a show with a huge international reach.

You can also see the Sign in several quick edits between scenes in the show.