Who is danny jones from mcfly dating

In an emotional interview, Danny said: "This kid talked about his dad. "It was nice to see he had that but I didn't have that. I only had my mum there for me."Maybe if my dad sees that moment on the show it will be the moment he picks up the phone and calls me."I'd love to have a beer with him but it's hard." Danny has been estranged from his dad since he was 18 and says he would love him to see how successful he has become.

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It was hard for me and I know my mum found it hard."He's never seen me drive, he's never seen my girlfriend, he's never seen my houses.

He hasn't seen anything." Despite being desperate to meet his father again, guitarist Danny, 31, says Alan should make the first move. He decided to have me."Alan was not there for Danny when he was trying to make it in the music industry.

The couple later married in August of 2014 in North Yorkshire.