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Bacon was "out of practice" at dating and resorted to various schemes he agreed were "not creepy at all." "That dinner was ... "I mean, there was a lot more knocking on that door.

She was not going for it, uh, for what to me felt like an eternity ...

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Sedgwick's mother had been encouraging her daughter, an aspiring actress, to see Bacon in person and study his talent.

At a deli between performances, Sedgwick told Bacon, who was seven years her senior, that she thought he was good.

She dated him for few years and they finally got married.

They also have two children together named Sosie Bacon and Travis Bacon.

He replied, "Thank you, sweetie." What ensued were a series of encounters over the years, including an "embarrassing" aerobics class, in which a smitten Bacon could not seem to get her to warm to him.